X39 and Diabetes – Grant’s Story

Listen as Grant, 63 yrs young, shares his story and health tracking since he started using Lifewave X39.

Here is some of what Grant has experienced:

  • Danger of dying from high A1C blood sugar levels, on drug medications but never get below 8.8
  • Diabetic A1C numbers drastically reduced as of 9/6/22 to 6.7, with NO drugs
  • Circulation improved, numbness in left thigh from 2017 mostly gone
  • Left hand could not unscrew bottle now completely regained grip strength
  • Nail, hair growing like crazy, vivid dreams, deep sleep
  • Lost 17 lbs,
  • Smoother facial scars
  • Completely off Blood Pressure (BP) meds after 17 yrs
  • Full recovery from Covid in 2 days, normally gets extremely sick with any virus or breaksout in hives
  • CT scan showed fatty liver back to normal
  • Cracked dry skin, swollen hands are not smooth and not swollen